Trouble sleeping?

Trouble sleeping?

Insomnia, or difficulty in falling or staying asleep, is a very common condition with more than one third of people experiencing insomnia from time to time.

Insomnia is usually caused by things like stressful life events, having a baby, jet lag, changes in sleeping environments, some acute medical illnesses and certain medicines.

Generally, normal sleeping habits usually return once the event is over.

Being unable to sleep can be very frustrating and annoying.

Unfortunately, these emotions can further contribute to keeping you awake, starting a vicious cycle.

Insomnia can also have a huge impact on your daily life.

Your community pharmacist can provide for advice and tips on improving your quality and quantity of sleep.

Sometimes insomnia can persist despite making changes to your sleep environment.

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor if your insomnia is persistent.

Your pharmacist can provide advice on the use of medicines to help with insomnia and whether a product is right for you.

Sometimes a doctor will prescribe medicine to help with ‘getting back into a good sleep routine’.

Your pharmacist can advise you how and when to take this medicine, what side effects to watch out for and whether other medicines are appropriate.

Insomnia can be very draining and can make day-to-day tasks much more difficult.

It is important to seek advice early to avoid long-term problems with sleep deprivation.