Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week

Not everyone is comfortable with talking about their sexual health, even with a health care professional.

To help start a conversation about the health and wellbeing of men, Andrology Australia have kicked off their annual Men’s Health Week campaign (15-21 June).

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the health and wellbeing of Australian men by creating resources for pharmacies and other primary healthcare industries to connect with men and encourage them to talk about their health.

Andrology Australia said pharmacies play a vital role in providing credible sources of health advice and information for their local communities and invite Guild Members to celebrate Men’s Health Week.

According to Andrology Australia, nearly 100 men suffer a heart attack every day in Australia, with one dying of an attack every two hours.

Many pharmacies provide a few simple checks like cholesterol, blood pressure and weight to help indicate whether you’re at a higher risk of developing a serious condition.

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