Medicines available when you need them

Delivery anywhere, anytime
Medicines available when you need them

Australia is big and getting medicines to people when they need them, regardless of where they live is a challenge.

Wholesaler companies that supply pharmacies are normally able to send the medicines you need within 24 hours to anywhere in Australia. But this is no easy task – actually, it’s a huge feat of logistics. There are over 5,400 pharmacies dispensing more than 740,000 prescriptions a day, or to put it another way, a huge 270 million scripts a year!

To achieve this the Australian Government has set aside money in a funding pool called the Community Service Obligation (CSO), which is part of a larger Community Pharmacy Agreement. This money supports key wholesalers in achieving this outstanding rate of delivery, and is vital to the success of the pharmaceutical benefits scheme as a whole. It’s good to know your medicine will be there when you need it!